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Little Howard : A New Meaning to the Famous Saying ‘Strength in Unity’

How far can a small ill child inspire you? Often we read about inspirational stories and events from all across the globe about small incidences that changes someone’s life forever. Many a time we are moved by a particular story and want to contribute in our own way for the betterment of the situation. However after giving it some thought and often shedding a couple of tears we move on with our life. The reason for this kind of attitude is not ignorance or cruelty. In fact the reason is quiet a surprising one. In most cases we move back because we think that we alone cannot change the situation much, so it is best to not bother even trying.

Embroiled in everyday struggle we often forget the morals and habits imbibed into us when we were kids. Remember the moral ‘Every drop in an ocean counts’?  Well its one moral worth remembering that we forget. We can contribute in our own small way to help the under privileged.  It is not always about money. Awareness and emotional support is also a way to help someone in need. ‘Run for hope’ is one of those organization that is working towards helping someone in dire need of treatment and care.

This story started with a child by the name of Howard Wong. This tear rendering story is about the struggle of a one year nine month child named Howard Wong who is suffering from Major Thalassemia Beta. A video was recently uploaded in a social networking site showing how each month this small child struggled to stay alive through blood transfusion. The painful procedure did not just bring tears on the small child’s face but also on the face of millions of viewers.

You can visit little Howard’s Fan Page, Click here.

It was also mentioned in the video how Howard Wong needed to undergo a RM 300,000 Surgery at a reputed hospital in Taiwan. However due to insufficient fund there was a doubt in everyone’s mind if the operation could be carried out or not.  Seeing this video, ‘Run for Hope’ has come forward with an innovative way to raise fund for Howard Wong’s surgery. ‘Run for Hope’ has invited 50 runners to compete in the various running challenges to rise the much needed funding. 42 runners have already registered for this challenge.

First time runners to professional athletes, runners from countries like Malaysia and Singapore have also come forward to run in various Running challenges like Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Run, Puma Run, Reebok Challenge, Viper Challenge, etc. the moment this inspirational story hit the World wide Web, people from all across the globe have been trying to help in their own possible way to help Howard Wong have his surgery.

While Howard is trying to stay alive and fight the constant battle against death knocking at his door, ‘Run for Hope’ along with its small team of 50 fighters are running in various challenges to accumulate enough fund to help Howard live a beautiful worry free future.

If anyone is interested to join the charity campaign to help Howard Wong, please contact Kent at 017 24 30 307 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you can.

If anybody is interested in donating for Howard’s surgery, please visit

Or visit Run for Hope Fan Page:


BIGWALK Challenge 2014

A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for a Marathon - by Andrea Ong (Ed's Recipe)

What happens after you have registered for a marathon? Are preparations delayed until the final countdown where you begin to panic about what you are bound to face as the siren goes off? Here are 4 simple steps in order to be well prepared for a marathon if it is your first or second time participating! It is ideal for a novice runner to kick-start your training from at least 6 to 7 months before the race because it will award you with ample time to get into tip-top shape.