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Liverpool FC fans in Malaysia now have their very own official Club retail outlet, which opened in Lot 10 Shopping Centre in Malaysia on 26 September, 2014.

The Liverpool FC store, located in the Kuala Lumpur mall, is the seventh official global LFC retail outlet, and the first to be opened outside of the United Kingdom. The Club is currently expanding its retail operations and Malaysia marks the first of its new store openings, with Ireland, Indonesia and Thailand to follow during the 2014/15 season.


Introducing You to Ed's Recipe - by Andrea Ong

All meals at Ed’s Recipe are prepared using only the healthiest ingredients. Meat, fish and poultry are grilled to perfection with olive oil and seasoned with stevia (diabetic friendly sweetener), served with high quality steamed brown rice and blanched vegetables garnished with herbs, accompanied with our house special gravy*. Price ranges from RM8 - RM16* for all our menu items.

Learn more about Ed's Recipe.


Neo Kian Hua : Consistent training = SHOCKING New Personal Record!! (ReebokΔONE Challenge 2014)

First of all, my greatest gratitude goes to Hooha for giving me this golden opportunity to share my running as well as training experience to fellow runners out there. I'll try to make it long story short but at the same time intensively covers all key messages.

I am Neo, 34 years old and I can consider myself an active seasonal runner for only 15 months thus far. Nevertheless, the official result of the ReebokΔONE Challenge 2014 which is just released has been a very shocking achievement to me. Although there are definitely many participants ahead of me and performed better than myself, but this has recorded my personal best result by far for a mere ~21 kilometers (to be more precise it is a 20.5km total route covering 15 obstacles & road plus trail run). I have achieved the timing of 2hrs 0min 48sec and ranked #56 over approximately 1800 participants in Men Open category, an overall ranking of #57 among all 3000 men and women participants.