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Maryati : My FIRST Full Marathon

Event: Penang International Bridge Marathon 2014 (PBIM 2014)
Venue: Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzham Shah (a.k.a Penang Second Bridge)
Date: 16 November 2014


  1. My first ever Full Marathon
  2. First time PBIM to be held on the new bridge.

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Zijun Loh CK : "Change Starts Within Yourself"

My mom used to tell me that I left my left arm inside her belly during the birth  and this joke cheers me up all the time since small. I was born to be unique person in a supportive family; they pampered me with a lot of love and cares. When I was still a small kid, I did not have to worry about any challenges and difficulties in life as most of the time they would provide me solutions when I face with them. For example, my mom custom made a steel ruler that enables me to use my chin as support holder to the ruler when drawing lines.


[Football] Legends World Cup offers another day in the sun for football's global superstars

The Legends World Cup was officially unveiled at the Aspire Global Summit yesterday. the brainchild of the World Sport Company, an independent middle eastern company with offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Holland. The first edition is targeted for 2016.