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[Bodybuilding] The Legendary Mr Terry Gallyot

Bodybuilding is like a trend and starting to pick up fast nowadays especially amongst the youngsters in Malaysia. No one else comes to mind except the legendary Terry Gallyot. As we reached Ultimate Gym owned by Mr Terry Gallyot we were pleasantly greeted with a warm smile by the legend himself. He was very kind, friendly and easy going. His gym looks exuberant, neat and complete.


[Football] Vietnamese club owner says players fixed ACL game

April 14 - Asian football has been rocked by yet another match-fixing scandal, this time involving 11 players of the high-flying Vissai Ninh Binh club. 


The Orangeman – “I’m finally going to ANFIELD!”

This is Anand, also known as The Orangeman, founder/director of a growing sports portal called that gathers sports enthusiast from all walks of life.

Anand Vegayathunam a.k.a The Orangeman, his vision in gathering sports fans through

He started this dream of bringing together the fans, the regular joes, the weekend warriors, into one online sports community where everyone can voice out opinions and thoughts. A Place where fans can share their life-changing stories and motivate others. A place where fans can update themselves on the latest sports info, health and nutrition tips. All these at their very own fingertips. A place they can call ‘Home’, so to speak. In April 2009, this dream was realized. HooHA! was launched. Ever since, has manage to gather 53,000++(and growing) sports fans worldwide.