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[Football] Legends World Cup offers another day in the sun for football's global superstars

The Legends World Cup was officially unveiled at the Aspire Global Summit yesterday. the brainchild of the World Sport Company, an independent middle eastern company with offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Holland. The first edition is targeted for 2016. 


[Football] Organised crime controls 25% of world sport, claims WADA boss

Football may be continually hit by reports of match-fixing but it is one of many sports being infiltrated by criminal gangs. David Howman, director-general of the World Anti-Doping Agency, says the problem extends across a variety of sports right across the globe. 


[Football] Kaka breaks MLS salary record as huge gaps open between big names and the rest

The MLS Players Union has released its annual review of salaries for each of the league's players. The list reveals a league record in the form of Kaka's impending $7.17 million to play for the new MLS team Orlando City SC, usurping David Beckham's previous high salary mark by a rough half million.