In 2009, introduced registration platform for runners to participate. Those days, people had to register manually at an office in KL. Imagine that...have to drive there, pay toll, spent petrol, bluff your boss why you went missing for a couple of hours during work hours, double park somewhere and wait in queue line register.

We don't know if we are the best or the premier registration portal for runners. What we know is that we pioneered this service and have 189,000 runners on board with us.


Anand Vegayathunam: Founder 10 years in this business. Energetic and focussed on getting the job done.

Aiman Manan: Founder Natura. Passionate about his Natura health supplement. Dynamic and positive young man.

Yusno Yunos: Founder Evenesis. 

Solid and dependable technology for event management. A reliable and a great guy.


Runners: 189,000 of you and growing. We want to be the best in bringing quality runs for you.

So forgive us for not having the most number of runs in out list because rather than quantity , you deserve quality events.

Event Organizers: You take the risk of organizing and pray that runners register for your running event. 


We want to be the best in making it affordable for you to use a registration platform. 

We have the lowest cost.


Runners will come to your event if you reach out to them. We want to be the best in helping you to reach out to them. We have the most affordable email marketing campaign for you to have a successful event. 

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